Teeth Whitening in Just Minutes a Day

best teeth whitening productHave you ever heard of laser tooth whitening? This is a method employed in dental clinics wherein your teeth are exposed to a special laser, which helps brighten your teeth several shades from the normal. The procedure is often used by persons who want to get rid of yellowish or stained teeth, and is a means of cosmetic enhancement for stars, models, and professionals as well.

It can be quite hard to find the best teeth whitening product, with all the brand names and varieties of items sold online. Examples are teeth whitening strips or dental strips, special mouthwashes, or even whitening tooth pastes. Even the laser tooth whitening procedure has been developed to be done at home, through home teeth whitening kits.

Here is one brand name that you can check out if you want to replicate the procedure in the comforts of home. The White Light Tooth Whitening System works following the same principles of laser teeth whitening, only in a reduced size and a cheaper price. First, you need to brush your teeth and floss. Then, you apply a special gel onto a dental tray which you wear around your teeth like a mouthpiece. After doing this, you switch on the special light transmitter, which is placed over your teeth for 10 to 30 minutes per day.

Maximum results should be seen in as little as two weeks, where you can notice a change in the shade of your teeth. Some clients prefer to use this for months, so that they maintain their whiter and brighter smiles. Some reminders for the White Light teeth whitening is that it can’t be used on children, and that it only applies to natural teeth.